Emily Hill Farm

Emily Hill Farm is a family business operated by Sue and Chester Keon-Cohen. Our primary business is for the production of superior quality Fresh Organic Blueberries

ACO Organic Certified

Emily Hill Farm is a certified with Australian Certified Organics (3147A). Certified products include fresh and frozen blueberries, lemons, limes and other home grown fruit and vegetables.

 FarmGate Shop Trading Hours


FarmGate Shop is now open, from 8.30 am to 4.30pm Daily, subject to weather and fruit availability.



FarmGate Shop Open Every Day.

 U-Pick available for registered pickers and locals.


The Blueberries are here and are as fantastic as ever!! Pre-Picked Blueberries are available from Wednesday at the FarmGate shop for $30 per kg. U-pick  in the mornings only due to high demand and only for restored pickers and immediate locals.

  If you want to get updates please register for our email updates from the website. We will also update the answering machine regularly 59443971.

We also have blueberry plants available for purchase along with fresh, garlic and rhubarb. 

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Organic Blueberries

Blueberries are our main crop. The season normally starts mid December and continues into February.

Information will be available on this website regarding opening days and times.

Freshly picked fruit is available throughout the season at the FarmGate Shop.

Pick your own is available to registered customers and locals only.

Blueberry plants are also available.

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Other Organic Produce

Limes, lemons, Red Currants, and rhubarb and garlic.

Jams, Marmalades, Jellies,and Cordial ,all organic, are made with fruits from the farm. These are available at the farm .They are extremely good.

We also have a good range of Birdland Seed ,open pollinated, organic vegetable seeds. www.birdlandseeds.com

FarmGate Shop at Emily Hill Farm

EHF FarmGate Shop

The FarmGate shop is open 6 days a week during the blueberry season. It stocks only organic produce either grown on the property or sourced from other local organic producers.

The main product being freshly picked blueberries available in 125 gram, 500 gram and 1kg containers. Other products depend on seasonly availability and quality.

Out of blueberry season produce is still available at the main farm shed.