Our History

Emily Hill Farm is a small family run business on the fringe of the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. In 1982, we planted our first 500 Blueberry plants. Some of these have been replaced whilst many originals are still producing fruit 35 years later.

Around 2005 another 500 were planted in our second plantation and these are now in full production.

In 2017/2018 we completed a huge renovation program by replacing many plants in these two plantations. We also completed a third plantation which has 1240 plants with some new varieties. These will be producing fruit in 2019.

This ensures our future is secure in being able to supply superior quality organic blueberries to the local community and to the wholesale fruit market.

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The farm is certified A.C.O (Australian Certified Organic) – including fruits and vegetables.

In 1982 our first 500 Blueberry bushes were planted. Many of these plants have been replaced in recent years but much of the plantation remains with the old bushes now 35 years old. Our new block is established and thriving. We now have over 2000 bushes in production. Our blueberries are organically grown and are Organically Certified. ACO 3147A

What We Do At Emily Hill Farm


Blueberries is our main crop. The season normally starts mid December and continues into February. Information will be available at the bottom of every page regarding opening days and times. Picked fruit is available throughout the season at the farm gate.

Pick Your Own blueberries is only available to immediate locals and for those previously registered with Emily Hill Farm. Other are always welcome to purchase freshly picked fruit at the FarmGate. We sell blueberry plants.


Limes, lemons, Red Currants, and rhubarb and garlic.

We make jams and preserves from organic farm produce. These are for sale at the farm in blueberry season, and other times of the year, but ring first.

Jams, Marmalades, Jellies,and Cordial ,all organic, are made with fruits from the farm. These are available at the farm .They are extremely good.

We also have a good range of Birdland Seed ,open pollinated, organic vegetable seeds. www.birdlandseeds.com