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Mulch Spreading

At Emily Hill Farm, we have just purchased a specialist mulching spreader for use on our farm. It has the ability to spread mulch, compost, wood chips, soils etc.

The benefit of this machine is it has a variable throw so you can drop the product next to the outlet shoot or throw it out over a number of metres depending on the application. It also has the ability to mix as it spreads, so you could put compost, lime and seeds in the hopper and the turbine mixes it as it spreads.

We use it to spread organic compost and also wood chips onto our blueberry rows. We were unable to find a machine to hire that can do what this machine does. This trailer has a steerable draw bar meaning it has the ability to get into small rows and headlands where conventional machines can not.

2 Cubic Metres Capacity

The hopper capacity is up 2 cubic metres. We have found there are huge savings using this machine over the conventional way of spreading compost and mulch by hand.

There is also a huge benefit to your crop as we can spread the compost thicker if required providing for organic matter to the soil increasing the quality and growth of the plants and crops.

If you are interested in hiring this machine, together with tractor and driver, please contact us for a quote.

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Steerable Drawbar

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